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Situations That Are Perfect For Virtually Foxy’s Cold Calling Scripts

To be straightforward, Virtually Foxy can provide real estate cold calling scripts on any given scenario through their finest virtual assistants. But it’s best if you also know exactly are those scenarios that virtual assistants will encounter when cold calling. Understanding these scenarios will help you say the right words at the right time, which will surely entice your cold leads into answering “yes” to your sales pitch.

To know what exactly are those scenarios that Virtually Foxy usually sees as an opportunity, then note these five situations below:


An FSBO scenario is excellent for Virtually Foxy’s real estate cold calling. FSBO means the seller wants to get their house sold, immediately! These are the favorite targets of cold callers, as they can easily land a sale on them. Make sure to check FSBOs on your list, then check if you prefer to give them a cold call first before the rest, or the other way around to end your day smoothly. 

Note that not all FSBOs will have a 100% chance to get their house sold, as they might lack contacts who need to buy a house. This is where you come in to save their day, as it will be very easy for the realtor to get that offered to a wider network of leads. To make a more accurate script, just give them a scenario that you might have a buyer ready to check the house out. That way, setting up an appointment to seal the deal will be easier.


Of course, landlords who are in need to fill up their properties are the number two favorite targets of Virtually Foxy when cold calling. FRBOs are very easy to find since not all landlords got their apartment units or houses occupied for rent. This is also less competitive than finding FSBOs because most realtors often treat them as an option. Thus, it can be your opportunity to gather as many FRBOs as you can, which can be equivalent to landing a house sale. 

Additionally, FRBOs are more open-minded towards the real estate business, as they handle one themselves, making it very easy for you to negotiate with them. 

Expired Listings

This is the most difficult among all of the situations not only because this has a higher chance to get your cold call rejected, but is considered as the most competitive scenario in this list. Virtually Foxy earned the expertise in real estate cold calling because of the several expired listings that they handled over their experience in the business.

These people are always looking for a realtor, which is why one or two good cold calls from people under expired listings will get you that sweet yes from them. The reason why that happens is that they felt like you saved them a lot of time in finding a realtor, as you presented one just by contacting them. Just provide a reasonable deal, and you’re all set to go.

When cold calling expired listings, make sure that you sound at your best, because the competition here is very high. Virtually Foxy’s VAs often give the right words that display emotions, particularly in the scenario where they have to immediately sell the house. You also need to hear their story to add a personal touch to the cold-call scenario. Expired listings might be very competitive, but playing the right words makes it the easiest among all of the scenarios.

Cold Calling Within Your Area

A common type of cold calling scenario is calls conducted within your local vicinity. In Virtually foxy, it will be the local vicinity of the realtor, since it’s the realtor who will still make the final deal. When conducting a cold call within the realtor’s area, one thing you need to do is learn the community first. 

All you have to do is become an expert within the local vicinity of the realtor. This cold calling is so common, that experts in Virtually Foxy find it quite easy to land a sale here. The reason is simple: being as authoritative as a community or geological expert makes you more influential when enticing other people to sell. This is true, particularly when you mention that some people within the area are currently selling their houses.

Pre-Foreclosure Offers

One of the main reasons why most people sell their homes is due to the need for money. Because of this, some who are facing the impending doom of foreclosure tend to sell their homes before it gets pulled out. That way, they can save money for their next home or plan in life. This scenario is as competitive as expired listings since most who are facing pre-foreclosure can easily land off a “yes” to cold callers.

Virtually Foxy ensures that these prospects will be comforted in the best way possible. Through empathy, you can assure them that you will assist them in finding the right realtor that can ease the hardship of their current situation.

These are the common scenarios that offer a high chance to set an appointment with the actual realtor. Virtually Foxy ensures that these are just some of their means to assist you as a realtor when it comes to tasking the cold leads to them. And to get started with that, all you have to do is contact Virtually Foxy now for a free consultation!

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