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How Does Virtually Foxy Handle Cold- Calling for Real Estate?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Setting up new appointments is what real estate realtors need to keep the business booming. Therefore, consistency is the key to executing it. But with the busy schedule and overwhelming workload they face, consistency in prospecting can get tiring over time. That’s why most realtors nowadays hire Virtually Foxy’s real estate virtual assistance to keep that consistency going all the time.

But how does Virtually Foxy execute it?

Simple: Cold calling is the key towards enticing their prospects in saying that sweet “yes” to the realtor.

Now, how does Virtually Foxy do it?

They follow different principles regarding cold calling, and it’s all thanks to their vast experience in assisting realtors online.

Some may think that cold calling is a unique technique that has lost its touch in the trending techniques needed for prospecting in real estate. But with the suitable means to get it executed, real estate cold calling is still a precious play when prospecting clients over the phone. So, how does Virtually Foxy perform cold calling the right way? Here are the following:

Experience and Delivery

As mentioned earlier, Virtually Foxy is experienced in handling realtors, gaining their market knowledge. With enough knowledge, they understand what potential clients are feeling and know what the right questions to ask are. This minimizes the risk of getting rejected by the potential client and ensures that a human connection will be provided during those few minutes of conversation.

Through experience, the virtual assistants at Virtually Foxy can deliver cold calling smoothly, guaranteeing a friendly and smooth conversation with the client while identifying the clients’ pain points. This is confidence in action, which is very important when engaging with clients on a call so never doubt your capabilities as a realtor. This then leads to the enthusiasm which will entice your clients into selling the property. 

Being Engaging

Cold calling means that the realtor should be engaging when interacting with the client. In Virtually Foxy, being enthusiastically engaging to the clients gains Virtually Foxy a competitive edge in the real estate business. Being engaging ensures that clients will feel that they are talking to a human willing to listen and empathize with their pain points, not just any random representative bugging them over the phone. 

But how can you define the engaging delivery of Virtually Foxy when cold calling?

First of all, keeping a positive demeanor when making cold calls is an innate ability that the virtual assistants in Virtually Foxy deliver throughout the call. Being upbeat during the call also brings out a positive response from the clients since they will feel that your realtor has the enthusiasm to work diligently with them in the real estate market. 

Being engaging for Virtually Foxy also means that they are willing to display various emotions tailored for each unique scenario of the numerous clients that will be cold-called for prospecting. Showing empathy is one way for the prospects to realize that the virtual assistants working on your behalf understand your frustrations or any negative scenarios that can be treated as pain points within your realtor. 

Lastly, asking the right questions is also a crucial factor that Virtually Foxy observes when engaging in real estate cold calling. In this way, the conversation will become more meaningful, avoiding anyone from beating around the bush until the client's “yes” signal is given to the realtor. Probing through the right questions also provides a concrete solution that helps clients for the long term, dramatically raising your reputation in the market if enough customers are satisfied with the cold calls. 

Proper Script Delivery

The delivery of the correct script during real estate cold calling also helps out a lot in weeding out the unnecessary things that do not fit a client’s scenario. Through their broad experience, Virtually Foxy knows well when to deliver such scripts during the initial parts of the call. This ensures that clients won’t feel confused or offended just because of an improper script delivery. 

Virtually Foxy can execute several scripts, which is why some of the best examples will be provided here instead. The first one is the script of being polite enough to ask the client if it is a good time to talk to them. Since everyone has different commitments that might annoy them when unceremoniously interrupted, showing courtesy when asking if it’s okay to have a short talk can make them drop what they need to do so, they can focus shortly on the cold call.

Another suitable type of script that Virtually Foxy executed during real estate cold calling is the one that plants a “seed” through the right questions that will make clients think. It often goes with asking the person if they are the homeowner, and if they are, it will be followed up with a question if they considered selling their property since some are looking for a house in the potential client’s area. 

This already gives them the thought of selling their home even if they have not planned it that much, therefore planting the “seed” of giving them the idea to sell their house. 

Amazing In Many Tasks, Not Just Cold Calling!

Please take note that there are many amazing things that Virtually Foxy can do when your business requires them, including admin tasks and document handling. Even realtors are having a great time holding meetings with their prospects due to the number of clients that the virtual assistants from Virtually Foxy have gathered once hired.

So what are you waiting for?

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