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Grow Customer Engagement With Virtually Foxy’s Mortgage Virtual Assistants

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Customer Engagement is one of the specialties of Virtually Foxy when assisting their clients with their business needs. The mortgage virtual assistants in Virtually Foxy also have a promising means when engaging customers to ensure that your prospects will seal the deal with you. After all, what’s important is for the prospects to become enticed enough in acquiring your services, which is why Virtually Foxy assures that customer service will be granted at its fullest.

But how can customer engagement provide the clients that you wish to attain for your brokerage?

Strategy! Virtually Foxy develops strategies with you upon consultation (which is worth trying if you want to know more about their VAs). It helps them find out what gaps your business’s customer engagement has for the VAs to fulfill. In this article, you will learn more about how Virtually Foxy provides customer engagement for mortgage brokers.

Social Media Reputation

One of the crucial aspects that the mortgage VAs check on your business is your overall reputation in social media. We all know nowadays that social media has been the best means to find the services you are looking for. Social media platforms even have a reviews section for businesses promoting their services or products as a page.

Mortgage brokers will find it easy to find clients through social media while letting the mortgage VAs take care of the page. Virtually Foxy prioritizes your social media accounts for your brokerage, so then you can gain a decent reputation. Keeping the pages active on your behalf will be one of the tasks they can do to increase your presence on platforms like YouTube or Facebook. One perfect example is that they can provide details about your loans if someone messages you privately on Facebook.

Suppose you manage to earn a decent reputation over social media. In that case, the social networks of the people whom you engaged in excellent customer service will surely spread the word of your terrific reputation.

Keeping All Lines Active

This is just the same as gaining a reputation by being present on social media at all times. Virtually Foxy’s customer engagement strategy involves keeping all forms of communication activities, and even adding some if you do not have any. Aside from keeping Facebook Messenger active, phone numbers for texting and calling are also being prepared by the mortgage VAs to face inquiries if potential customers prefer the old means of cellular phone communication.

When communicating with the customers, expect that the finest mortgage VAs of Virtually Foxy will provide an engaging voice to brighten up the mood. The VAs will also make sure that your business will be carefully studied upon consultation to sound just like an actual mortgage broker when offering the services to people messaging or calling them. 

Lastly, e-mail support and website chat support are also provided by these VAs, if there’s any available in your communication arsenal. Just provide your means for clients to contact you, and they will handle the rest.

Taking Care Of The Good Ones

This means that the mortgage VAs in Virtually Foxy will continue to take good care of your loyal clients. If you have those clients who always pay on time or way earlier than the due date, the mortgage VAs can be informed about their profiles. 

In that way, the VAs can provide a prioritized form of customer service to these “VIPs” that will surely keep that loyal customer faithful in paying on time. And if they can’t pay within the deadline, customer care will still be provided due to their good credit standing (such as providing extended payments for emergency reasons).

After all, customer service is like a game of emotions where you ensure that their worries regarding payments will be lessened through professional care guaranteed by Virtually Foxy. This potentially gives good reviews online, which attracts more clients in the future.

Being Informative

Customer service will never go wrong if it’s an expert representative that customers are dealing with. Virtually Foxy has several mortgage VAs who have worked over the years with several brokers in assisting clients. This granted them general knowledge on how the mortgage business work and thus how clients behave when inquiring or seeking assistance with your services. 

As a result, Virtually Foxy is ready to entertain numerous inquiries from several customers that they will encounter within the week. All these are for the sake of ensuring that everyone knows that you have a business that’s worth their time and money when acquiring a home loan.

And of course, aside from being informative towards the customers, Virtually Foxy will also become very informative if you schedule a consultation session with them. All you have to do is open up why your business needs a VA to provide a more positive impact on the brokerage. Rest assured that these mortgage experts will provide all your needs through their extensive experience in the field.

Virtually Foxy is what you can consider as your go-to for your very busy brokerage. After all, there are lots of inquiries, paperwork, and client dealings to attend to, and lending a helping hand would make your business process smoother in the future. Just contact Virtually Foxy through call, e-mail, or social media, and your journey towards the growth of your brokerage will start at that point!

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