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We are one of the leading providers of high-functioning executive virtual assistants who can help you grow your business and keep things organized so you can run your business with ease.

Our mission is to provide businesses with indispensable leverage through our Virtual Professionals to help them regain their time freedom and have the ability to grow their business, all while reducing costs.

Virtually Foxy started out as a vision. Before this, we were in the exact same spot as you. So we decided to hire a virtual assistant and we had the best working relationship with them built on trust. To grow our business we needed help when it comes to administrative work and our real estate business in general. After a few months, we saw the value of having a good virtual assistant that could do more than just one role or one task at a time. We realized we wanted to share that experience with other professionals.

Virtually Foxy's virtual assistants are natural-born problem solvers. We train proactive, reliable, and strong skilled individuals who can give you more time to focus on the other side of the business that needs more action while leaving the tedious work to be done by virtual assistants who can help you grow your business the way you envisioned it to be. We are your business partner that will help you realize your potential, save time, save money reimagine your customer experience, and reinvent your future-fast.

Our Philosophy


We want the Most Valuable Player on every team, playing every position. It’s not just a goal for us, it’s a core mission of our business. It’s the reason we pioneered an extensive screening & on-boarding process, to ensure that you get the highest quality staffing possible in your real estate business.

Once you’ve seen firsthand what we can do, we’re confident that you’ll want to add our VA’s to your team – and our team members understand with great clarity that their continued employment is only based on your happiness with their work.


Our managers are highly proactive and geared towards providing exceptional customer service.

Our Mission


Virtually Foxy Business Support Service LLC's mission is to improve the work-life balance of small to medium-scale business owners from various niches and inspire other companies to constantly innovate effective and practical ways to make a positive impact on clients. We want to develop a secure and comprehensive network through collaborative planning, action, and policy advocacy.

We want to connect our clients with top-level virtual assistants and skilled workers that will be a crucial member of their team. We are created by professionals, for professionals. We want to remain as human as possible where clients can Do More. Work Less.


From contract to close and everything in between: our virtual assistants can manage all the paperwork and deadlines involved in your mortgage & lending transactions, coordinate communications, and make sure that your deals close as quickly & easily as possible.


Your Loan Processing Assistant will effectively function as a communications liaison and go-between to ensure that all-important communications for each transaction are passed to the correct person & taken action on in a timely manner!


Perform a variety of administrative tasks for you such as screen incoming calls and emails, manage your calendars, run reports, update your CRM, and assist you with event coordination and travel arrangements.


Leave the schedule management to your Loan Processing Assistant.  They will assist you with maintaining your schedule and keeping filings, signatures, documentation & compliance completely on track for all of your deals, and help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Our Vision


Revolutionize client-staff working relationships and establish a new model of Business to Business affiliation based on loyalty, security, and reliability.

Our Values


Integrity, Work-Life Balance, Commitment to Excellence, Team Work, Truthful Communication, Respect

A quick and painless guide that seeks to answer every client’s question about our process

Many online business owners need help but don’t know where to start. Some have taken the leap to hire an offshore Virtual Assistant, but seem to be unable to move forward due to their VA’s lack of expertise. My mission is to eliminate overwhelm by helping business owners operate their business while ensuring that the VA they take in is able to perform their tasks with confidence and with a capable suite of support.


YOU TELL US! | The Discovery Call

This initial interaction serves as our primary connection with a prospective client. In this call, our in-house experts actively engage with the client to grasp the nuances of their business and industry. This comprehension serves as the cornerstone of our matching process.


WE LOOK! Engaging the Matching Expert 

Upon gaining a thorough understanding of the client's requirements, our matching expert assumes control. Drawing from an extensive pool of highly skilled virtual assistants, the matching expert assesses and identifies a VA who seamlessly aligns with the client's specific needs.

planning (2).png
training (1).png

WE CONDUCT! Ensuring the Perfect Fit

We hand-picked our well-trained and well-experienced VA's



We deliver to work every day with integrity and we communicate for possibilities to help you grow the business more.

Every Virtual Assistant (VA) is paired with a dedicated manager, serving as the main point of contact for any inquiries or concerns the client may have about the assistant. This guarantees that our clients can concentrate on their business while we handle the management and support aspects of their VA


At Virtually Foxy, our approach is meticulously crafted to ensure that our clients are connected with the most suitable Virtual Assistants tailored to their distinct requirements. Additionally, we prioritize making the transition process as seamless and efficient as possible.

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Teams Supports

VAs are assigned to teams, and each team has a designated Team Leader. Team Leaders ensure that everyone is happy and productive, mentor new and tenured VAs, and help enforce the company’s policies and regulations. Our leaders also continually monitor our VA’s work and ensure the quality of their work is in part with Virtually Foxy's  standards.

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Quality Assurance

We have dedicated quality assurance specialists to oversee, listen and monitor our VAs to make sure that the quality of the work is consistent. Our quality assurance specialists continually monitor our VAs and give them one-on-one coaching every week to ensure that they are always inlined with Virtually Foxy's standards.

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Help Desk

Everyone working with Virtually Foxy gathers in one platform weekly where we can share ideas, resources, expertise, and tips on how to complete tasks ranging from routine to extra challenging. This is where VAs go to get the support they need apart from that which they already get from their Team Leaders and Success Coaches. Talk about VA perks!

high quality (3).png

We provide free quality soft skills and technical training with our VAs before they get onboarded with our clients. But the training doesn't stop there. Every week, we still provide upskill training to our VAs for additional skills and follow-up training to ensure that they are still inlined with our past training and to ensure the quality of their job is still in part of Virtually Foxy's Standards.

But that is just the beginning..

We believe in teamwork. Everyone is part of one big jigsaw puzzle. No one is truly alone; we all succeed or fail together (but honestly, we prefer to succeed).

We wont just give you a VA.
We give you the entire ecosystem.

Start your new business journey with us!

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