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Virtual Assistants save you over 70% of the cost of a full-time employee – without the headaches of insurance, retirement, office & equipment costs, & unemployment. Our customers saved over $55 million last year!

Transaction Coordination   Packages

Transaction Coordination  + Disposition  Packages

Real Estate Virtual Assistance  + Transaction Coordination Package

*DISCLAIMER: This service rates are prepaid before the said services will be performed. Clients are the ones who will provide the tools that is needed to perform virtual assistants tasks. Client needs to sign up to for the time tracking software with screenshot and activity records. Virtual Assistants are guaranteed well versed and well trained and with strong experience related to the said tasks above. Client will be billed an additional of $12/ hour if the client wants to add hours for the acquisitions and dispositions manager.

*RISKS IN HIRING AN ACQUISITIONS and DISPOSITIONS MANAGER: Acquisitions and dispositions manager's tasks is to be on stand by so once the inside sales agent got a warm lead, the acquisitions and dispositions manager can immediately do a follow up on the lead. Client will be paying the acquisitions and dispositions manager even if the acquisitions and dispositions manager is just on stand by.

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