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We are one of the leading providers of high-functioning executive virtual assistants who can help you grow your business and keep things organized so you can run your business with ease.

Our mission is to provide businesses with indispensable leverage through our Virtual Professionals to help them regain their time freedom and have the ability to grow their business, all while reducing costs.

It All Starts With One!

Regardless of the size of your company, the journey begins with your initial team member.


We acknowledge that each business approaching us possesses varying levels of experience.


Whether it's your first venture into hiring beyond your local market or if you've attempted remote recruitment before and paused for any reason, that's perfectly fine.


Even if you're currently outsourcing with another provider and considering giving us a chance, we're here to accommodate.

How Do You Hire and Manage One Team Member with Virtually Foxy?

To initiate the process, start by submitting a work order for your team member and choosing the suitable candidate from the options we provide. Once your selection is made, the exciting phase begins!

Contrary to common belief, onboarding your initial team member can be more demanding than subsequent hires. Therefore, we aim to ensure that you are properly set up and that your expectations are aligned accurately.

If this marks your initial experience in hiring a remote worker, it's natural to require more support in the beginning compared to clients familiar with remote working processes, and that's perfectly acceptable. The initial six months of collaborating with a remote team member represent a crucial learning period. During this time, you'll essentially be operating with "training wheels" on, and we're here to guide you until you feel ready to take them off.

While we can't step into your shoes and run your business, we are committed to dedicating time to help you become proficient in managing remote teams. Our objective is to assist you in reaching a point where you can expand your business to any size you envision!

Services for First-Time Clients

With all of our customers, it’s important for us to get these things right, but especially for customers hiring their very first remote team member.

Set up for Success
  • Why Outsource to the Philippines?
    By outsourcing to the Philippines, you can free your on-shore staff to focus on core business activities and have the off-shore staff do the manual processes and administrative work. Outsourcing allows your to grow your business fast and provides you with the flexibility you need. It saves costs on building infrastructure, office space and providing supplies and HR functions. Cost-effectivity is not the only reason to outsource but you can also increase your service offerings.
  • Is there a language barrier in communication?
    The virtual assistants we hire here in are well-educated and speaks English with a relatively neutral (US) accent. They are also aligned with Western culture. We are more than happy to set-up some test calls for you, to demonstrate this.
  • Does your virtual assistants a right fit for my business?
    YES! Our Virtual Assistants are heavily trained by us they also have atleast 2 years of experience in the same field, they can do more than the average VA!
  • I don’t know what jobs I would give a virtual assistant to do. How do I know what to give them to do?
    It’s amazing how much work you’ll suddenly find once you have a VA! VAs can handle all kinds of administrative work like helping you to: Manage your appointments, calendars, bookings, events Manage emails and customer care Manage systems and processes (or even help to create them with the collaboration of our Help Desk team) Create and send newsletters Manage social media Create invoices Answer phone calls …and that’s just for starters! Our virtual assistants can do more!
  • Can I hire a virtual assistant just for one-off project?
    Currently, we don’t have a projects offer but we may consider this at some stage if we get enough demand. Let us know in the Live Chat or in an email if you want us to think about this more deeply!
  • What is your business model like?
    We are not like a traditional recruiter in that our model is a recruit, hire as full time employees of our local PH company, train using our intensive online focused training program before showing to any client. Often we hire for character, ethics and smarts and not skills as our belief is smart, enthusiastic people can be trained. This has yielded a very high success rate for our clients and our VAs which we are immensely proud of. We produce 3 levels of VA – General Admin (Level 1), Social Media & Online Content Management (Level 2), CRMs and automations (Level 3). Our level 3 VAs are multi talented and can handle a very large breadth of areas.
  • When I sign up, how long can I get my virtual assistant?"
    We have well trained and well experienced virtual assistants who can work with you as soon as posible.
  • Are there any lock in contracts?
    We don’t believe in lock-in contracts. We want our clients to stay with us because they love what we do and get results from working with us. Having said that our team are people too so we ask that you give us at least 30 days notice if you wish to cancel your contract so that we can maintain consistency of income for the VA’s.
  • Does the VA become my direct employee where I need to manage payroll and HR?
    Your VA is contracted to our company where we manage all Payroll, Health Care Benefits, and HR requirements. Your contract is with our company so it is arm’s length from the VA. This means you do not need to think about employment taxes, paid leave, or any other HR issues around having an employee of your own despite your VA being dedicated to your business.
  • What if I only want a VA for 4 or 5 hours per week? Can I buy a set number of 'pay as you go' VA hours?
    We only do dedicated staff on a part-time* or full-time** basis. In order to recruit the best people, we need to offer them solid, long term contracts with clients who are committed to growing their businesses. In our experience, clients get the best outcomes by making a commitment to a dedicated virtual assistants who has all the support and training we offers. *20 hours per week – 4 hours a day on a fixed schedule daily from Monday through Friday **40 hours per week – 8 hours a day on a fixed schedule daily from Monday through Friday
  • Can you source individuals with specific / specialised skills?
    We have a selection of specialists in the team to access at extra fees for things like graphic design, video editing, and WordPress website builds. This is only available to clients of ours with a VA.
  • Why wouldn't I just go and hire a VA myself?
    By all means, you can do this and recruit, train and manage a virtual assistant yourself. Lots of business owners do this, but the goal here is to reclaim control over your time. Hiring a virtual assistant by yourself will add yet another job to your already bulging to-do list, and if the virtual assistant you choose doesn’t work out, it can create a lot of headaches you just don’t need right now. Remember, Our Team isn’t just hiring a virtual assistant. You’re also getting training and support for both you and your virtual assistant to accelerate your success. Our Success Coaches and helpdesks are alive all day with questions and idea sharing so all virtual assistants can get fast support so they can help you even more. Our Success Coaches and helpdesks are alive all day with questions and idea sharing so all virtual assistants can get fast support so they can help you even more. Learn more about our process here.
  • What if I'm worried about the ongoing financial commitment?
    The idea of hiring a contractor or employee is to make money on that investment. As an entrepreneur, there are essential revenue-making tasks that you can be doing on a regular basis. However, if you don’t have administrative support, chances are you aren’t doing these things as much as you should. We believe that investing in your business is the way to reach the next level — whether it’s through joining our team or otherwise. However, please keep in mind that getting success with any new team member takes time while you train and slowly hand over tasks. There may be a period of time where you will need to be able to fund this new person in your business from your cash flow. Ultimately, you need to look at your cash flow and decide if you are ready to hire a person and expand or if you perhaps need to work on your sales strategy more deeply before taking this step.
  • How do I know if the VA is working or not? How do I manage them?
    Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered here. Each Client will have an access to our time tracking tool. This tool has a screenshot feature, keybaord and mouse movement tracker. The virtual assistant is also assigned to a Team Leader who tracks their time and ensures they are following our rules and policies about availability and working hours. Each day you will receive an end of day report that includes a copy of their time tracker which details how much time they spent on each task.
  • What if I'm too busy to assign tasks?
    If you follow our process (which we highly recommend for success), we show you how to create your list of ‘non-negotiable tasks.’ These are the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks that are super clear, with step-by-step processes attached and need to be done on time, no questions asked and no excuses. You set these up prior to your VA even starting and our Success Coach team will be mentoring your VA in the background to help achieve more success… faster.
  • What if I'm having issues with my VA?
    Our HR and support team are available to jump in and help you manage any issues with your virtual assistant. We have done this with many clients and managed to achieve successful outcomes when we work together on the solutions.
  • What if my business is a mess and I don't want to show anyone what it looks like?
    So many entrepreneurs feel this way! We think that if you’re concerned about this, you’re probably more organised than you think! The reality is, though, that it is far better to get your systems and processes into some sort of shape before your VA comes to work with you.
  • What if I want access to the same training my Virtual Assistant is getting?
    The training is pretty amazing and we know you are going to want a piece of the action, too. However, we strongly believe that the training we are giving to your Virtual Assistant is stuff you as the CEO of your business should not be doing! It is also internal training only for the people we bring onto our teams – i.e. the VAs.
  • Is all your activity trackable using online software that we can have access too? How does this work?
    YES. We use HubStaff.
  • Would you be able to provide a ‘summary of work’ at the end of each ‘session’?
    We have our own proprietary End-of-Day reporting system that tracks time, attendance and task management that gets emailed to you daily. We also encourage the use of Asana or Trello or ClickUp or other project management software.
  • Where will the VA be working from- An office? Internet café? Home?
    All our employees are working at home.
  • How fast is your Internet connection?
    We always make sure our virtual assitant has at least 30mbps internet connection speed and a 10mbps internet connection back up speed.
  • What are the operating hours the VA can be reached?
    We cover all time-zones so your VA would work in your business hours. However, we discourage contacting them outside of those agreed hours.
  • Can the work be extended to full time at some point?
    Our virtual assistsnts are all employed full-time, so they can enjoy all of the benefits of employee status including health care and other government mandated benefits. Due to this, and our successful ‘train first’ model, if a client takes part time to start (20 hours per week is our min) then the other part of that person’s time will be filled immediately with other clients.
  • Is there the option to take on more staff?
    Yes, we love to work with our clients on growing their team as and when they need to.
  • How quickly can we expect to receive replies should we have any questions?
    Our customer support team is online 24 hours per day Mon-Fri and our response times, depending on the urgency of the issue range from 1 hour to 24 hours at an absolute max. Your virtual assistants is expected to be available to you during the agreed hours and to respond and be attentive while working for you.
  • Will I have the same virtual assistant working with my business consistently or a pool of changing virtual assistants?
    We only do dedicated staff. Our virtual assistants work exclusively with the clients allocated. There are no account managers or project managers delegating to teams in the background. However, we do have team leaders and help desk support if they need help to do something new or get better results.
  • What’s the minimum number of staff I can employ through you?
    There is no minimum number of staff you can employ through us – whether you need only one or multiple contractors or virtual assistants to join your team, we can help. We recognise that different businesses have different needs and we don’t want to limit expansion plans for your business. We see ourselves as a partner for growth, no matter the size of your organisation.
  • For what size organisations is outsourcing most suitable?
    Any business size can outsource be it a small, medium or large enterprises. Outsourcing is a low-risk and cost-effective opportunity, preferred by most entrepreneurs since they recognise the immediate benefits of outsourcing.
Are You Ready?

Once you’ve answered all of the above questions, you’re ready to go! Getting set up is the most important factor in the success of our clients, and failure is possible if this step is skipped. In fact, if this is your first remote hire, this process is mandatory, as we’ve witnessed too many organizations futilely try to get ahead of themselves for the sake of speed.

The One Agent Success Formula
The First Day

The key consideration is how effectively you can collaborate with your remote team member. The optimal approach is to ensure that you are ready to provide support from their very first day.

Do you have established processes, procedures, training manuals, and workflows for each task assigned to your team members? If not, it could significantly complicate your outsourcing experience. While our success team can assist you in these endeavors, the ultimate responsibility lies with you, and it holds substantial influence over your future success. There are valuable books available that can aid in this preparation, with our team recommending "The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It."

If you need to have a discussion with us because you’re not ready to get started, that’s fine; we’re happy to confer with you and give you 100 percent clarity on how everything works and what you need to do to be successful.

But that is just the beginning..

We believe in teamwork. Everyone is part of one big jigsaw puzzle. No one is truly alone; we all succeed or fail together (but honestly, we prefer to succeed).

We wont just give you a VA.
We give you the entire ecosystem.

Start your new business journey with us!

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