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Hire an expert Amazon Virtual Assistant you get all the help you need to take your Amazon business to the next level and drive better sales. Your virtual assistant is your Amazon expert who can help you navigate all challenges this marketplace throws at you.


Selling on Amazon can be extremely challenging. As the leader in online selling, Amazon is one of the most competitive marketplaces to be in. Amazon alone sells over 12 million products, and that’s just 10% of the total number of products available on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon business owners definitely have their work cut out for them.

To help you compete in such a massive online marketplace, you’re going to need some help. Hiring an Amazon virtual assistant (VA) is an excellent way to grow your business without spending a big chunk of your budget on a full-time employee.

An Amazon Seller virtual assistant is someone who works remotely to ensure that your Amazon Seller account is in great shape. They can take care of time-consuming tasks including listing products on your store, responding to customer queries and concerns, and doing daily Amazon Seller Central upkeep.

Still undecided whether you really need to hire a VA for your business? Are you an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) business that thinks that you have all the shipping assistance you need? Here’s a quick questionnaire that you can answer to help you figure out whether you actually need an Amazon VA.

  1. Do you feel like you’re spending too many hours each day just listing products or maintaining your Amazon Seller Central account?

  2. Are you often frustrated because you don’t have enough time to actually work ON your business and not just IN it?

  3. Have you gotten several complaints from customers due to poor response time or a bad experience?

  4. Do you feel like you’re stuck and can’t grow your business further because you’re overwhelmed with the workload?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’re going to benefit from hiring a VA. Feeling frustrated with tedious work and spending too many hours doing routine tasks that can definitely be delegated are two common reasons why some Amazon businesses get stuck in a rut while others flourish. If you want to scale your business, you have to invest in some much-needed help.

The good thing about hiring an Amazon virtual assistant versus hiring a full-time employee is that a VA gives you more flexibility and provides better value for your money.


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Our Virtual Assistant will identify profit-oriented private label products and help you source them from the right manufacturer:

amazon-virtual-assistant-min (1).png
  • Amazon seller analysis and competitor research

  • Sourcing private label products and identifying quality conscious manufacturers

  • Forging sustainable supplier relationships

  • Evaluating product samples, creating supplier contracts, and invoicing

  • Amazon shipping management

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Our Amazon virtual assistant services cover optimization of your content and product page:

  • Product Listing Service

    • The virtual assistant of Amazon will enter all critical product information so that all buyers can take an informed purchase decision

  • Extensive Keyword Research

    • Ecommerce virtual assistant services focus on identifying the most relevant product-centric keywords that will drive more traffic to your product listing and result in improved conversions

  • Product Listing Optimization

    • We use all identified keywords within the product listing and that too naturally to help your listing rank organically on Amazon SERPs

  • Resizing and Improvement of Product Images

    • We improve product image quality and ensure all uploaded product images meet Amazon’s sizing and quality guidelines. The focus is on uploading clear images of the right size in the right number

  • Upload Products in Bulk

    • We leverage Amazon bulk product upload Volume Listing Tools for bulk inventory management; we can choose the right Amazon template for setting up your inventory file.

amazon-fba-virtual-assistant-min (1).png

Our eCommerce virtual assistant will also build and implement an advertising campaign that will improve product visibility and improve product listing footprint:

ecommerce-virtual-assistant-min (1).png
  • Amazon Sponsored Product Management

    • Your Amazon virtual assistant will make optimum use of Facebook Ads and Amazon Sponsored Products (Amazon PPC) to drive targeted traffic to your product listing. Improved product visibility will boost product sales

  • The maximizing potential of Amazon Headline Search Ads

    • Search ads are yet another great way of boosting product visibility and triggering product interest. Your eCommerce virtual assistant can help you stay on top of this ad campaign

  • Discount, Offers, Coupons and Reward Points Management

    • If you want to achieve customer loyalty and drive better sales, you need to offer product discounts, coupons and buyer reward points. Your Amazon Seller virtual assistant will help manage these for you.

Our Amazon virtual assistant services also include offering customer service and fulfilling product orders:

  • Order Processing and Tracking

    • A seller’s worst nightmare is forgetting to process an order and not tracking the order; Your virtual assistant Amazon FBA will help you stay on top of all your orders.

  • Inventory Management

    • Our virtual assistant of Amazon will enable you to optimally manage your stock, keeping you updated about purchase data, restocking, and more so that your inventory management is top-class

  • Maximizing Potential of Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software

    • Your multi-channel eCommerce software will be expertly managed by your Amazon VA to help you explore new opportunities that will help you grow your sales figures

  • Customer Service and Support

    • Your Amazon FBA virtual assistant will help you satisfactorily and quickly answer customer queries and also handle activities like return and refund management. The assistant will also help manage logistics and tracking to ensure customers are able to receive their product within the designated delivery date.

Expert-Amazon-Virtual-Assistant-min (1).

Our eCommerce virtual assistant services also focus on Amazon account management to give a much-needed boost to Amazon private label business:

ecommerce-virtual-assistant-min (1).png
  • Branded Website Design and Development

    • We create a branded website that is like an extension of your presence on the Amazon marketplace. You can send potential shoppers from your website to your Amazon store.

  • Amazon Storefront Design

    •  As a world-class Amazon seller account management company, we also build Amazon stores that give sellers an opportunity to tell brand and product stories the way they want to tell them. You get the advantage of a custom URL, thus benefiting from focused page analytics to keep track of increased sales. Your very own Amazon storefront on Amazon will help engage with your customers and is a selling space that is in great demand. We help you make the most of it.

  • Multi-faceted Promotions

    • Our Amazon account management also includes Amazon marketing services, wherein we help your listings rank at the top of Amazon search results. We use internal and external promotion tactics to ensure shoppers both inside and outside of Amazon find your products easily. This boosts sales.

  • Advertising Campaigns/span>

    • We build and launch successful Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, as well as, Facebook Ads that ensure your sales receive a long-term and consistent boost.


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& learn how Virtually Foxy can help you grow and scale your business.

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