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Boost Your Brand image With Virtually Foxy Customer Service

Updated: May 3, 2022

Virtually Foxy guarantees that your business will gain a better reputation in your local and online market through its customer service specialists. The Virtually Foxy customer service representatives assure customers that any issues they face will have a resolution. Customer service is a foundation of a long-lasting business because it attracts consumers into subscribing and preferring your business over your competitors.

The Virtually Foxy Customer Service is strategically employing techniques tailored to the preferences of your customers when in need of your business’s products or services. Business Retention is the top priority of Virtually Foxy. There are several types of customer service assistance that Virtually Foxy can offer through their specialists-for-hire.

Here are the following:

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing customer service needs of a customer to skilled specialists with sufficient experience in customer support is the goal of Virtually Foxy. These specialists are trained in several businesses, making them capable of understanding how customer service in general works.

Learning the foundations of customer service in general guarantees the success of a business. Steps in providing assurance, quick resolution through critical thinking, and providing a detailed explanation to inquiries and problems. Take note that even customer service leadership, such as management, is also provided by Virtually Foxy.

In this way, customer service demands will be scaled effectively to cater to all customers who require assistance regarding your products and services. Additionally, the cost for outsourcing these representatives is less than 60% of in-house specialists. What made this more efficient for your search is that Virtually Foxy handles all outsourcing procedures, such as staffing, background check for specialists, and training.

The Virtually Foxy Customer Service representatives provide a range of tasks meant for administrative and customer support. The main form of assistance includes handling incoming calls for customers and others who need inquiries and assistance regarding your business, as well as answering emails and messages.

Other administrative tasks include updating CRM assistance and orientation of customers regarding your services and products, creating strategies for issue resolution, and running reports. What made it more interesting is that Virtually Foxy has a material prepared that’s specifically designed for your business, to boost your customer service, satisfaction, and experience!

Managing a variety of tasks fit for making your services efficient to your consumers is one of the main features of Virtually Foxy Customer Service. Communications are effectively managed through the means of Quality Assurance to prevent any errors when specialists execute customer support and to make a more organized flow when catering to customer concerns. Surveys are also part of managing the overall customer service of your business to find more improvements in the future.

Scheduling is also managed for customer installation and upgrades for services that sell devices. Managing escalations is also one of the key components of this feature to ensure that customers will get a higher level of service fit for more complicated concerns. Lastly, scheduling the overall workflow is also provided by strategically placing representatives at the right schedule where customers often call in.

Requests are also well-managed for customers. One solution for catering to detailed requests or technical concerns is through the means of a ticketing system. Virtually Foxy is well-versed with several ticketing tools that are fit for customers and subscribers who need technical support. It also provides a good sense of following-up concerns that require a time frame to be resolved, such as service desk requests.

As mentioned, Virtually Foxy has multi-skilled specialists that are ready to help boost your business in all of its aspects. Customer service is one of the best means to make your customers come back to you, even if they tried out your competitors already. That’s why Virtually Foxy Customer Service is not just all about assurance, but a great customer experience leading to satisfaction.

All you have to do at this point is to contact Virtually Foxy to start planning up the right customer service setup meant for your business’s success!

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