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Consider These Points When Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Virtual assistants have been key players in keeping business operations scaled and more efficient in terms of accomplishing workloads. Virtually Foxy promises that you will never fail to look for the right virtual assistant for your needs as they are fully knowledgeable about the factors needed when hiring one. After all, Virtually Foxy’s specialty is virtual assistants, which is why they are also ready to provide you with the best tips possible.

Take note that the following are also the key factors that you can get when hiring the right virtual assistant using the services that Virtually Foxy can provide. Here are the following:


This is considered a top factor when finding the right virtual assistant for your needs. Virtual Assistants that are prompt in their response with every message or call that you make from the time you first communicate with them can leave a lasting impression. VAs should be prepared in fulfilling any requests from their client, even if it’s at the last minute.

Virtually Foxy is not just responsive when it comes to communications. They also excel when it comes to attentiveness to any detail provided to them for the task they need to accomplish. This is why all virtual assistants in Virtually Foxy are recommended to be interviewed by their clients first to see their quality before making that final decision to hire them. It also helps you determine the right VA when picking from a wide range of applicants, especially when testing them by giving a short task to determine which one correctly delivers it on time.

Excels In Time Management

You also need to find the right VA that’s good with handling their time. After all, they will deal with your schedule, which is why they have to be good at keeping their commitments. This is a partner of being responsive when finding the best VA for your needs. Gladly, Virtually Foxy will never let you down because they excel in this as well.

The VAs at Virtually Foxy ensure that you will be able to keep everything on time not just in the way they respond once you or the clients contact them. They also know how to set their priorities based on a given deadline to make ends meet, plus provide you timely updates without the need to ask them. This is not just great in keeping everything on schedule, but also prevents any misunderstanding.

Great Communication Skills

Aside from being good at keeping everything on schedule, they also ensure that miscommunication will never be experienced on your end as they excel in communication skills. Virtually Foxy VAs are well-trained when it comes to customer service, giving you an edge when communicating with clients, as well as keeping you well-informed about everything since you are their client as well.

One special sub-factor when it comes to communication skills is our ability to share suggestions. Their confidence in their skills and experience in the industry, which allowed them to provide possible recommendations that might be good for the tasks they need to do. In this way, the efficiency of your business operations can be maximized.

Along with great communication skills comes transparency when interacting with you or the clients. In this way, everything will be well-reported to you by the end of the day, and your business can potentially improve. Take note that proper communication is essential in every business for a good profit.

As a bonus, the virtual assistants that you will encounter in Virtually Foxy are also certified experts in the English language and have the right accent to prevent miscommunication as they perform customer service.

This is vital for companies who take outbound or inbound live calls with clients.

The Capability To Multitask

Another known qualification when hiring a good VA is their capability to multitask. This requires them to juggle between different tasks that need to be accomplished on time. VAs in Virtually Foxy are also well-trained for this factor as they can handle answering both inbound calls, e-mails, and chat at the same time with great precision.

The Virtually Foxy VAs are also known to be capable of working under pressure to ensure the success of your business. As a result, they can also communicate with your clients while completing bookkeeping and admin tasks as well. Of course, this requires the VAs to have good computer skills, and a good thing that Virtually Foxy made sure of it as well.

Ready Anytime!

Virtually Foxy VAs have all of the following factors needed when picking the right one for your business. What made Virtually Foxy even more interesting is that they also have the factor of “availability”, meaning they are ready 24/7 with the right VA that suits your personality and preferences. So what are you waiting for? Virtually Foxy is just one email in making your business much better than ever!

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