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Motivated Seller Keywords Lists

Determining your seller’s motivation is one of the biggest challenges in the pre-screening as a real estate wholesaler, and also THE most important factor in the equation. Study this list of 37 motivated seller trigger keywords and listen carefully for your seller to say anyone (or a variation) of them. This will be an indicator that they may have some motivation. PURSUE these leads!!

When you first start talking to sellers, they all have similar stories. It’s hard to identify the “right” type of seller when your ears aren’t trained for that yet. After talking to a few hundred sellers (yes I said a hundred) then you be able to tell within the first 2 minutes of the conversation if they’re going to be someone that you can work with or not.

How to Get Ahead of the Motivated Seller Game

You can get ahead of the real estate wholesaling game by learning to listen out for the words that motivated sellers to say. During your pre-screening sessions, really tune in to what they’re saying. You can Weed out the minutia and listen specifically for magical keyword phrases that can indicate motivation. They don’t just come right out and say “I’m a motivated seller, come buy my houses for 30 cents on the dollar”. You need to be able to ask the right questions and really train your ears for these things.

Start by studying this list of motivated seller keywords and keywords phrases. This is the best list you’ll find anywhere as a checklist for motivation in a seller. If you can think of any that needs to be added to this list, just leave a comment and we’ll add it.

  • Divorce

  • Relocated/Relocation

  • Too Many Repairs

  • Inherited

  • Probate

  • Death in the Family

  • Illness

  • Foreclosure

  • Payments are Behind

  • Insurance Cancelled

  • Can’t Afford it

  • Don’t Know What To Do

  • Tore the House up

  • Condemned

  • Unsafe

  • Was Left To Me

  • Don’t Want It Anymore

  • Don’t Want to Deal With It

  • I’ve Never Lived There

  • Payments are Too High

  • Delinquent Taxes

  • Can’t Decide

  • No Insurance

  • Bankruptcy

  • Don’t Have Time

  • Can’t Maintain It Any More

  • Value Going Down

  • Bad Tenants

  • Make Me An Offer

  • Need to Sell

  • Get Rid Of It

  • Eviction

  • Tax Sale

  • Vacant

  • Letter from Attorney

  • Upside Down

  • Makes Me Mad

OK, I got it! The Seller Needs to be Motivated

It may take you hundreds of conversations with sellers before you can instantly identify the sound of motivation in one’s voice. It takes practice and more practice. In the early stages of becoming a real estate wholesaler, it may seem like everyone you talk to is motivated. They’re not. In fact, only 3-5% of sellers fall into this category. Now you know what keywords to listen for… but what’s your next step? Keep those motivated seller leads coming in consistently!

After you have the motivating lead, do you have the tools to get the contract signed, build a buyers list, and close the deal out?

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