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Manage Your Virtual Assistant with The Right Office Tools

Tools such as performance and office apps measure an individual or team’s overall productivity. It also makes work easier for you and your virtual assistants as well. These apps can be a standalone program or a website that offers the page. Performance tools help you by simplifying the details related to your virtual assistant’s productivity, such as tracking their hours worked.

There are several performance apps out there, but Virtually Foxy made sure that you will pick the best performance tools in the market. The Virtually Foxy Virtual Assistants are well-experienced with the performance and office tools that will be provided in this article.

Take note that here in Virtually Foxy, it is understood that we all have different opinions when it comes to the tool of our preference. This is why you should still pick one that you prefer, even if the app is not on the list that will be discussed below. But still, Virtually Foxy would love to share the following apps that have helped the virtual assistants make their work, and relationship with clients, better:

Time Tracking Apps

Time trackers are what you initially need, as it’s essential to know how their payroll goes. You need a user-friendly app that can let you punch in the hours worked by the virtual assistant by simply typing it on a timetable provided by the time tracker. This organizes the way you record the hours worked so then you can easily count how much their salary will be.

Time tracking apps are also very useful to find out if your virtual assistant might be working overtime or undertime as well. There are also additional features present in a time tracking app that can make timecard entries easier to do.

One notable feature present in a time tracking app is the timesheet report. Timesheet report is the basic feature of time tracking apps as it records the hours worked by your virtual assistant. Another feature that can be useful in a time tracking app is that can provide a complete record of a virtual assistant's work during a project. This is what Virtually Foxy recommends, especially when hiring a team of virtual assistants that work on separate projects.

There are several noteworthy features for time tracking apps. But do not forget to look for one that can also provide the report to the virtual assistants for transparency.

Inactivity Tracking Apps

This could be present in the time tracker explained above. The inactivity tracking app is the opposite of the time tracker, as it records the time that your virtual assistant may be productive. Virtually Foxy highly recommends having an app or feature like this as it can easily help us in addressing issues regarding the productivity of the virtual assistants.

For the best inactivity tracking app in the market, look for one that’s present in time tracking apps, and make sure it can require its users to log in and log out. In this way, you can easily schedule your session with the virtual assistant despite your busy schedule. Virtually Foxy values client-VA relationship in the highest regard, to build a better means to communicate with them, which effectively increases productivity.

Cloud Storage

Virtually Foxy also requires clients to provide cloud storage for an easier means of transferring and sharing important business files with virtual assistants. Cloud storage is very useful if you are too busy checking out the file that your virtual assistant needs to submit, and if you are handing numerous e-mails every day.

For the best cloud storage app for virtual assistants to use, you can go ahead and choose free apps. But make sure you are using a reputable name for free apps to ensure your safety. However, you still need to remember that premium cloud storage services, which require payment, offer better advantages.

Messaging Apps

It is very important to use an app that has a professional environment if you are going to use a messaging app. There are messaging apps in the online market that have a professional-looking interface that’s suited for office work. The apps should have features meant to make meetings easier to do when using a computer.

Features present in these apps should be the capability to make voice or video calls, create meeting rooms, group chats, a means to share what you are doing on your side of the screen, as well as the capability to allow remote access for the users. These are very useful for instructing virtual assistants on the project guidelines, or perhaps in teaching them other tools you might want them to use. It also makes meetings easier to conduct as well.

Take note that the following are essential tools recommended by Virtually Foxy to easily manage virtual assistants, and to help analyze their overall performance. Virtually Foxy wants everything to be transparent when communicating with clients. In that way, you can easily track what they are currently doing during your assigned schedule, and it also helps build better client-VA relationships.

So what are you waiting for?

Be sure you prepare these apps now before you contact Virtually Foxy.

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