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Make Your E-Commerce Grow With Virtually Foxy’s Customer Relationship Management

Customer service is always the top priority of Virtually Foxy to provide excellent performance to the clients. Whether it’s the client or their customers, good relationships can be built with the virtual assistants at Virtually Foxy.

This is often called Customer Relationship Management, which virtual assistants should be aware of.

Customer relationships can be handled by providing the right steps when engaging with the client or the customer. Gladly, the experts you need at Virtually Foxy are well-trained and have experience over the long run in this business aspect.

How Can Virtually Foxy Do It?

In the field of e-commerce, customer relationship management is a key factor for its progress. Virtual assistants should be trained with regards to the right processes based on different scenarios involving the client’s e-commerce, as well as the customers visiting the online store.

To find out the overall capabilities of Virtually Foxy’s virtual assistants in the e-commerce field, the details below will explain the scenarios that often occur in the e-commerce site, and how the virtual assistants deal with it.

If the e-commerce site has a chat session when a customer places an order online, customer service has to be at its top performance. The right virtual assistant makes sure that this short conversation will be swiftly responded to, and everything regarding the session should be smoothly done. Some online transactions may get too complicated, which often results in the user leaving their cart to look for another e-commerce site. With the finest virtual assistants in Virtually Foxy, processes about online orders can be easily done as the virtual assistants are always ready to take in your requests.

Fulfilling the order request has to be done smoothly to avoid users from doing complicated steps that might tire them out. After all, most users nowadays prefer an app that lets them process a purchase in just less than 5 to 10 taps on their phone. This is why Virtually Foxy makes sure that when a customer places an order, all the steps are prepared so then they can swiftly work on steps such as contacting the courier service to deliver the item in the fastest way possible.

As a result, even the virtual assistants make sure that their clients are using the right courier service that has a good service, and a fee that’s considerable for most app users. Virtually Foxy guarantees that the team of virtual assistants that you can assign for your business can handle orders in the most efficient way possible, for both the customer and the business process itself!

Swift When Responding

To ensure top-class customer relationship management, one important thing to take note of is the mood of your customers. One major mood-changer during a conversation with a customer is the waiting time. The longer they need to wait, the more annoyed they will get. If an answer to an inquiry takes too long, they might give bad feedback online, which can impact your sales.

Gladly, Virtually Foxy makes sure that the virtual assistants are trained to be responsive upon hearing the notification of a new chat message. Whether it’s on the e-commerce platform, on e-mail, or even in social media, expect that the virtual assistants will respond in less than a minute. This ensures that your customers will think that your customer service is reliable, which effectively builds a good relationship between them and the overall services.

Responses to inquiries should also involve a friendly tone of speech so then customers will feel more welcome inside the app or site. This also makes the customers feel confident that they are getting a top-quality product from your store because you hired an outstandingly performing virtual assistant. Take note that even communicating with customers via social media should be engaging and responsive. Note that a lot of people rely on social media today when inquiring to e-commerce businesses for a more efficient means to answer their inquiries.

Caters Customers Just In Time

If customers need to contact you, they won’t have to hear the hold music for a very long time if you hire the team of virtual assistants in Virtually Foxy. The staff you need will be fulfilled by Virtually Foxy to make sure that your average number of calls or chat inquiries per day will be met in a way where the average waiting time will be dramatically lessened. As mentioned earlier, waiting time can potentially ruin the mood of the customer, and can result in a bad relationship with your business.

This is just as simple as knowing how customer service departments for companies are outsourced to a third-party company. But what made Virtually Foxy more interesting is that they are flexible when it comes to your preferred work schedule, while making sure that you have the right amount of virtual assistants ready to take in customer inquiries via call or chat.

Good Relationship Equals Better Feedback!

Customer relationship management simply means that you should treat the customer like a friend in need. In a platform that should be very easy to use, e-commerce customer service must be efficient to the customer’s time and the workaround needed for their requests.

That’s why Virtually Foxy makes sure that the virtual assistants that you can hire are engaging and are efficient when responsiveness is needed for your customer’s concerns. In that way, your reputation as a business will flourish for the long term, which simply means many people online will see better reviews from you!

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