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Get Your Startup BPO Up And Running With Virtually Foxy

Startups in operating a Business Processing Outsourcing enterprise is a tricky business to handle during its first year. There will be times when many backlogs could be made if you don’t have enough people. Of course, a BPO enterprise’s nature is built on its workforce, hence the term outsourcing. That means you might need Virtually Foxy’s virtual assistants. The VAs in Virtually Foxy can assist you with some of the admin tasks that you might find less important than the other ones you need to handle yourself.

Managing your business is always easier nowadays with virtual assistants; BPO startups can gain an upper edge in the competition, and for the sake of productivity, if you have one or more VAs ready to assist you. Take note that VAs are excellent in handling relationships with clients, which is why you can get the following advantages if you hire Virtually Foxy:

E-Mail Support

You will never have to worry about the backlog of e-mails that you’re already facing due to the number of people you are interacting with. To focus more on building relationships with your clients, you can assign the Virtually Foxy VAs in assigning them e-mail support. That way, they can communicate with your staff with simple matters such as sending reports, inquiring about concerns within the team, and a whole lot more. E-mails are time-consuming, and your need to focus on your business’s future is something that Virtually Foxy can save for you.

Handling Reports

If you need to input some numbers required for the reports that you will discuss with the clients or with your team, then let Virtually Foxy handle that for you as well. The VAs can provide essential administrative tasks for your business, mainly if you are already behind the deadline. The VAs are well-versed in various tools critical for work, and are excellent in communication, giving you an easy time to advise them on what needed to be done for each report that you want to present and document.


Any interaction with your clients and within the office that concerns finances can be handled by the Virtually Foxy VAs. They are expert bookkeepers, which can then help you a lot when it comes to finalizing everything that needs to be settled for the sake of your BPO’s financing. To make sure of all this information, it’s best to seek consultation with the Virtually Foxy team if you want bookkeeping services and if you are using a particular app for it.

Rest assured that the VAs in Virtually Foxy will not let you down.

Call Handling

Take note that the call handling mentioned here is focused on your BPO business, not the programs you provide within the business. Virtually Foxy’s can provide customer service if there are clients interested in what you offer for them, as well as handling inquiries for those who want to get a job from you. They can also conduct interviews for your applicants through call. Note that chat support also counts when it comes to Virtually Foxy’s VA services.

Social Media Management

Since a BPO business relies on people needed in their company, social media has become the number one place to establish the BPO market. Since many people are now aware of the benefits that a BPO business can provide for their workers, people can easily find your business in some corner of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Virtually Foxy’s VAs can easily promote your business over social media. They can post, answer comments, handle chat inquiries, and even build a community for you within the borders of the social media apps you prefer for marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Clients who require people for their workload need your services, which is why they search over the internet and not just social media. If you need a professional-looking website that will entice them to contact you, you can hire Virtually Foxy for your SEO needs. They can help you generate the content or even a helping hand for designing your website (provided that VAs for web designing are available). Virtually Foxy’s VAs are well-versed in SEO, which can give you a massive advantage in the competitive online market.

A Virtual Secretary

As an owner of a business, there are other small, random things that you might find time-consuming, which can delay meetings essential for your company. With the help of a Virtually Foxy VA, you can let them do the easy stuff instead. If you need to order something online for your business but is too bulky enough to use a lot of time, let the VAs handle it for you. You can even advise them to come along to your meetings to help you jot down the important stuff discussed throughout the long, strenuous hours needed to tackle everything. Virtually Foxy is regarded as one of the finest VA services because of this.

Virtually Foxy can make you spend more time building your BPO from a small enterprise into a corporation that you are dreaming of right at this moment. So what are you waiting for? Consultation is just a few clicks or taps away from your device. Visit Virtually Foxy to discuss what you need to handle with their expert VAs, and they will guide you throughout everything.

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