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What makes Virtually Foxy's Cold- Calling for Real Estate so Productive?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Virtually Foxy is guaranteed that the competition will be beaten if you properly execute cold calling in a highly competitive environment like the real estate business. When it comes to getting a decent sale, you need to make sure that communicating with the leads should be excellent. There will be times where rejection might happen - it’s an inevitable fact when cold calling. But with the correct execution, you can minimize it.

For beginners, such as those interested in working in Virtually Foxy, we decided to provide some fantastic tips in making cold calling even more efficient. That way, you will have an easier time engaging with cold leads until they eventually become real estate clients. Note that this is not about the scripts for now. Instead, you will learn how to apply the same mindset as the realtors who diligently interact with clients to get that sweet ‘yes’. Here are the following:

Keeping A Personal Touch

Making the conversation personal is the number one tip you must keep in mind when engaging in cold calling leads. Virtually Foxy considers this as their priority when working as a real estate virtual assistant engaged in cold calling. You should never sell like a robot, as people will think that you’re just another phone advertisement that annoyingly offers something they do not need.

That’s right, making the cold calling personal means that you have to feel the leads that they need your services. To get started with that, never offer the typical scripts that some “robotic” cold callers often do to get more phone calls within the day. The goal is to get a sale, and selling means you have to be very convincing. 

You can still make a greeting, but make it more personalized to assure that you are approaching to make a sale and ask how they are doing for the day. Instead of following scripts, create a personalized set of sentences that will entice the people to discuss with you for a while. Setting the mood is what increases the chances to get that “yes” when landing a sale.

Keep Calm, and Address Their Refusals

When it comes to scenarios where your offer is getting refused or objected to, do not panic! Just keep calm, go with the flow, and keep that spirit up in attaining a good sale. It does not mean that you have to be aggressive; you just need to be straightforward and provide your opinion to them. Keeping a confident tone makes you sound knowledgeable about the matter, which could be enough to change their opinions in your favour.

A notable example is when the leader asks about the price of the house, but you still do not have any idea about it yet. To make up for that, ask them when they will be available to check the house to clarify the price. These scenarios require you to land the right words if ever a tense situation gets in, such as instances of refusals or questions that seem to object to your offer.

The professionals in Virtually Foxy are well-trained for this type of mindset, making them genuinely efficient in generating leads, closing sales, and making your business more productive!

Ask For A Close, All the Time

One of the scariest things to do in cold calling, especially for beginners in Virtually Foxy, is the fear of refusal, which prevents them from asking the closing question. But do not worry! Asking for an appointment is still crucial within the cold call, as it’s the one that determines if you will get that sale or not. Do not think about the “no”, but rather the “yes” that you might get with them. This shapes the cold-calling winners, from those who can’t land at least one sale a month.

If you are concerned about the opinion of those who received your call, then stop that bad habit. Getting a sale means you have to take the risk and just ask that question, especially when the time is right. But even in a situation where the question can’t be timed right, be sure to still ask for the close for an appointment. You will never know if you never tried it!

Keep Committed

Lastly, keeping a committed mood for cold calling is what you need to note last to give that mindset of being a real estate cold caller. Keeping yourself in a realtor’s position is one good way to start that commitment towards cold calling. Even if you are a virtual assistant in Virtually Foxy, “engaging within the industry” is still valuable to gain more knowledge in the field. 

Be at your best at all times, for you are in an environment that’s competitive since your very steps in it. In some way, someone will eventually get your leads, which is why every opportunity is worth taking in this business. You can practice getting committed as a real estate cold caller by practicing with your peers. When working in Virtually Foxy or seeking a real estate VA, rest assured that commitment is practised at all times!

Keeping a mindset of an engaging cold caller is what Virtually Foxy’s real estate cold callers are all about. If you ever need to get an opportunity to work as a real estate cold caller in Virtually Foxy, be sure to remember these tips before applying. Otherwise, expect clients to get this quality of perspective when dealing with your leads if you hire Virtually Foxy’s real estate virtual assistants.

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