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Virtually Foxy Is Your Trusted Experts For Mortgage Document Processing Support

Most mortgage brokers often doubt the abilities of virtual assistants when it comes to mortgage processing support. Little did they know that mortgage virtual assistants are the pros in this field, as they made sure that the real estate market is studied, particularly in dealing with mortgages. Virtually Foxy is one of the best groups out there that can provide you the right mortgage VA for an efficient business process.

In this era where competition is so tight in almost anything that involves online procedures, Virtually Foxy ensures that top-class services will be provided for you to ensure that a proper mortgage deal will be provided to your future clients. Loan closures can be met with ease thanks to the experience that the Virtually Foxy mortgage assistants can offer you. What’s interesting is that minimal training is required for these experts to understand your business processes.

Back office processes are one of the specialties that Virtually Foxy can offer for your business. Their expertise ensures that your loan processes will assist lenders in reducing their operating costs and make all dealings quicker. Rest assured that time and money can be saved as Virtually Foxy promises, as everything will be leveraged in the best way possible with the right virtual assistants at Virtually Foxy. 

But how can Virtually Foxy meet your needs in mortgage processing support? Here are the following end-to-end mortgage processing services that Virtually Foxy can provide with the utmost accuracy:

Full Document Review

The primary method for mortgage processing support that Virtually Foxy mortgage VAs can do is a complete document review for compliance and third-party purposes. Document compliance is crucial for the business's success for clients to avoid repetitive procedures in procuring the documents necessary for their loan. 

Virtually Foxy guarantees that their top-class services will also make you identify the suitable regulations within the competition, apply controls for operational procedures in mortgage acquisition, and improve the quality of data to make future strategies efficient in the business.

The VAs in Virtually Foxy can be trained to do the following tasks for document review:

  • Handle copies of pay stubs.

  • Full review of bank statements and rental history.

  • Read essential details in work visas and green cards for special purposes.

  • Evaluate the PNL documents for the self-employed.

  • Income Tax return evaluation

  • Form 1099

  • Form 1003

  • Form 4506-T

Third-party documents can be reviewed in full by the Virtually Foxy mortgage VAs. Since lenders need to make sure that matters regarding third-party entities will never be a problem, mortgage VAs are ready to check all documents that need to be processed on their end. Here are the following third-party documents that they can review diligently to lessen your hassle:

Title reports

Homeowners insurance and its assets.

Other documents to avoid conflicts such as letters about employments gaps, divorce papers, and policies regarding child support.

Take note that there could be additional documents required for review depending on the laws and regulations of your location when handling mortgage processes. If all of these are outsources to Virtually Foxy’s mortgage VAs, you will have a lot of time managing the more complicated aspects of your business.

Credit Review

Reviewing the applicant's credit score and other derogatory aspects is one of the most stressful jobs that a lender can handle. Accuracy when checking the full details of the client, such as background details like rental history and credit history, is what Virtually Foxy excels at. Documents regarding credit review such as bank statements, score statements from FICO, and other documents related to the debt of a lender’s client will be reviewed thoroughly to make things faster within the mortgage broker business.

Also, the mortgage VAs in Virtually Foxy can be trained to handle other important requirements for reviewing clients' credit. These procedures are the following:

  • Obtaining credit reports

  • FHA authorization

  • Status of the client’s social security.

  • Checking if there are any existing loans from MERS

  • Credit transcripts

  • Payment defaults

  • Credential pre-screening

Handling The Verification Process

Regulatory compliance for lenders requires them to handle a lot of verification processes. Lenders need to make sure that handling the final verification process is prioritized without any mistakes. That’s why Virtually Foxy will carefully work on these so then there will be no compliance violations. All verification documents for employment, mortgage, deposit, property sale, location details, and registration and approval of the appraiser will be fully checked by Virtually Foxy.

Collection Of Documents Is Also Provided

Virtually Foxy mortgage VAs can also provide excellent customer service for your needs in collecting all the necessary documents. In this way, you will never have to waste much of your precious time conducting follow-ups to your clients who have not completed their documents yet. The Virtually Foxy mortgage VAs will ensure that your backlogs will never become a burden for your productivity. 

Pension and mortgage statements, bank statements, and documents for special purposes such as divorce or child support statements can be easily arranged by the mortgage VAs. In this way, you will never have to feel confused due to the tremendous workload you face every day.

Document processing is one of the most strenuous tasks that mortgage brokers have to face to complete the dealings they need to conduct for their productivity. Gladly, Virtually Foxy is always available for these professionals because the goal of their mortgage VAs is to guarantee more client dealings for their diligent mortgage brokers.

So what are you waiting for?

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