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Manage Your Restaurant Business Better With Virtually Foxy

Restaurants are one of the most booming businesses simply because food is an essential product that we can buy. Lately, where the pandemic has affected several businesses, many restaurants still survive, whereas some are still booming, thanks to food delivery services. This is exactly why Virtually Foxy wants you to know that your restaurant business will boom even more if it’s easier to manage with the help of top-quality virtual assistants.

But how exactly can the virtual assistants in Virtually Foxy help you promote your restaurant business, increase its sales, and deal with the stuff you can’t handle on your busy schedule? Below are the tasks that Virtually Foxy can assist you with to make your business process smoother in your booming and bustling shop:

Online inquiries for those interested in delivering online or knowing more about your restaurant can consume a lot of time for your restaurant crew, especially when there are many customers. Even customers calling in for deliveries can be handled with swift response through Virtually Foxy’s Virtual Assistants. But if you leave the task behind to Virtually Foxy and its virtual assistants, you will be able to save the workforce when handling a vast number of customers who want to take a bite of your tasty food.

Whether through social media or email, Virtually Foxy’s virtual assistants can make sure that all inquiries and concerns from customers will be answered with ease. The virtual assistants will be trained thoroughly regarding your restaurant’s menu to quickly answer questions such as the pieces of wings that you sell, the toppings of your pizza, or even the variety of sizes you offer for your drinks. Rest assured that your business will become customer-friendly thanks to the virtual assistants' enthusiasm when communicating with the customers.

As mentioned earlier, the VAs at Virtually Foxy are excellent in handling customer calls. Thus, you can trust them easily if you want to bring e-commerce to your business. Aside from taking the queue of calls you might get for deliveries, they can also make online processes easier if you plan to build an online delivery service.

Whether through an online app or Facebook Messenger, orders can easily be handled and requested by the VAs by communicating directly with your restaurant’s crew. In this way, your crew will queue in the orders for the cooks to prepare. Updates regarding deliveries can be provided to the customers on time to be aware of when their food will arrive at their doorstep.

Take note that this is one of the best features you can get in this pandemic era since online deliveries are a craze nowadays!

If you want to promote your restaurant all over the internet, let Virtually Foxy handle your online marketing plans. The VAs can write down an article using SEO techniques to promote your restaurant on a different website or your site. This will ensure that whatever food category you’re in, people can easily find you. Small business restaurants greatly benefit from Virtually Foxy when promoting within the local market and gradually moving towards a broader range of customers over the long term.

Social media will become one of your methods for marketing your restaurant, thanks to the Virtually Foxy VAs. With enough resources that you can provide to promote your business (photos of your food and inside the restaurant), the VAs in Virtually Foxy can then handle the rest in delivering content on popular social media platforms. This exponentially helps you maximize the customers you can attract to your local market each day.


Virtually Foxy can keep track of your payroll for your crew through bookkeeping. But what’s remarkable about these VAs is that they can also handle the cost of the inventory. This ensures that all of your expenses are correct when balancing your income and the fees you have to make (inventory costs and payroll for your crew).

Bookkeeping is one of the most stressful things to handle, and it could hinder you from your other commitments. By leaving it to the trustworthy VAs in Virtually Foxy, rest assured that everything will be well-calculated without any error. Please take note that the VAs in Virtually Foxy are experienced in the field for years already, making them effective bookkeepers for your business.


If you have a busy schedule, the Virtually Foxy VAs can arrange your schedule, particularly the tasks needed in the business. For example, if you have a hectic schedule, you need to ensure that the inventory is enough for the wave of customers coming to order in your restaurant, then leave it to the VAs.

They can make sure that you will have a perfect spot in your busy schedule to focus on the business matters within your restaurant personally. The VAs can also arrange your commitments to ensure that everything you need to do will be met before the day ends.

The restaurant business indeed requires a lot of work to ensure its success. That’s why you need to have as many responsible people as possible to work for you. Gladly, the VAs can fit perfectly into your arsenal in the restaurant business since there are still admin tasks and online matters to handle there, and for sure, you know that Virtually Foxy is an expert in this role.

So what are you waiting for?

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