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How Can Virtually Foxy Increase The Efficiency Of Real Estate Cold Calling?

Until now, real estate cold calling still works wonders just like what it was years ago, particularly in the past 2 decades. Due to the need to handle a lot of calls, you need to be efficient in order to succeed in this long-term project. Gladly, Virtually Foxy is an expert when it comes to real estate cold calling through the means of their top-notch virtual assistants. This time, Virtually Foxy will ensure that you will learn how to become efficient in handling real estate cold calling.

Aside from being consistent when handling the number of leads that you want to turn into potential clients for your realtor, you also need to make your work easier by being smart enough to do it. But how can you actually get that done? Here are the different ways that Virtually Foxy executed to make real estate cold calling more efficient:

Double-Check Contact Numbers

The list of leads that you need to cold call is really, really long! That’s why you need to double-check them out in order to become more accurate in contacting the right people. This saves you a lot of time from committing mistakes when dialing someone, particularly when waiting for someone to pick up the phone (because you might be waiting for someone on a wrong number if you do not do this). In Virtually Foxy, being careful is a must before contacting the leads to avoid wasting precious time.

Supply Your Set Of Numbers

This time, you need to make sure that your day is productive all the time when it comes to handling the phone numbers that you need to contact. One good method is through a subscriptions service so then they can track the best numbers that you need to contact for today. These subscription services have the capability to supply you with a set of phone numbers based on your request. This is truly efficient as it prevents you from dealing hours researching for the right contact numbers with high accuracy. 

Using A Dialer

Using a dialer program for your computer is faster than contacting someone using a handheld device. Take note that it’s a given fact that there will be some numbers there that would not answer. Virtually Foxy uses dialer apps as it greatly helps them in working on a load of leads, especially if the client has a long list to provide. That’s why a dialer makes the task faster so then you can move on to the next one if ever someone rejects or does not answer your offer. Dialer apps have the power to contact multiple numbers for you to lessen the waiting time, compared to dialing the contact numbers one-by-one.


CRM is one of the best friends of a real estate cold caller when it comes to dialing clients. Even Virtually Foxy uses this tool with ease, as it helps them track your leads. It also helps you in knowing if the leads on your list are worth building a relationship with. The CRM also helps you view the follow-ups that you need to process so then you can easily get that sweet “yes” from your leads in no time. Making sure that you are consistent with the leads that you already contacted is a must, especially when the person seems to be worth calling for a follow-up.

Using Scripts

Using scripts is also extremely important, especially for beginners. Beginners need scripts for them to have a guide on what to tell to the leads before they create their own call flow. The scripts also help beginners in building confidence and prevent that stutter that’s caused by the panic and nervousness of handling their first set of leads. Virtually Foxy began with scrips, and eventually mastered it to the point of creating their own set of scripts to tell their leads. 

Getting On Point During A Call

It is nice to build rapport and set the mood with the leads. But making sure that you will eventually get to the point is the number one priority of Virtually Foxy in getting the cold call finished for the day. As much as possible, finishing the call is a must especially if there’s a lot of contacts to call within the day or week. But take note that you must never get too straight to the point since you still need to build up a good relationship with the leads first to entice them to set up an appointment. 

These are the tips that Virtually Foxy makes sure in order to succeed well in cold calling. That way, you will never have a problem handling all the leads that you need to settle for the day, but with the right quality that will attract those leads in becoming clients in the future. 

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