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Positive Scripting: The Key Towards Virtually Foxy’s Excellent Real Estate Cold Calling

Some say that cold calling is getting older when it comes to prospecting clients into selling their properties. However, the only reason why some outside of Virtually Foxy is tired of using cold calling is that they do not know how to perform positive scripting properly. Some are just focused on what they need to say to end the call, not being aware that anything involving calling clients is simply a game of emotion.

In Virtually Foxy, cold calling is one of their key components in building trust to their prospects to land a surefire property sale. But what exactly are the positive scripting techniques that Virtually Foxy executes when engaging in live client calls? 

The examples that will be provided below will be labeled based on a scenario that a prospect is in to ensure that the right words are placed at the right time. In that way, it will be easier for Virtually Foxy to get the client's full attention in terms of getting the property sold. To get started, here is a list of some popular techniques that Virtually Foxy has used:

Getting Involved In The Community

When doing cold calling, you should show that you are fully knowledgeable in the community to the point where you are excellent in promoting it. After all, knowledge is what makes us confident. That’s why you should study the place very well first to properly position yourself as an expert in the community you’re selling. 

This is a fast way to get a yes or no answer and is the easiest to do among all cold calling scripts that Virtually Foxy has executed. All you have to do is research the area you’re selling by checking the houses and the outdoor vicinity of the community, represent as a member of the real estate group, tell your prospect that you have lived there for like 15 to 20 years, and mention that you are very knowledgeable in the area before offering them to discuss the sale.

Even if the prospect says no to you, you will still get engaged with the prospect as they will still find out about your place, indicating that they still have the interest. At this point, you can just plant the seed for them to make a call someday, or perhaps refer someone to buy a property from you.

Show That You Made A Sale

Showing that you had a record of a sale is a technique for those who sold a property for them to reference it all the time. Due to the decent record that Virtually Foxy’s virtual assistance has gathered over their experience, they can communicate confidently while piquing the prospects' interest since you are already someone who has effectively convinced others. Promoting your sales record will make them think that you are trustworthy enough to give them a new home.

To get started, ask first if they are a homeowner, and then discuss to them that you are just calling in since you made a sale on a street near the place you are selling. After that, promote the fact that this happened because there are several houses of excellent quality that are being sold at “amazing” prices. The adjectives that you can use here should be engaging enough to keep your prospects interested. After that, make the offer if they had plans to sell their home and move out.

If this cold calling script is properly executed, rest assured that there is a high chance of getting that sweet yes from the prospect! This is also one of Virtually Foxy’s favorite lines, which is worth sharing.

Getting Straight To The Point

The last example Virtually Foxy would love to share is to be straightforward in selling the property. Virtually Foxy often uses this script as well, which ensures a fast way to get a sale. The delivery of speech here should be engaging since the words that will be used are just the generic introduction and sales pitching that most real estate cold callers do. 

Just introduce yourself as someone selling real estate while mentioning the community and address/street name. If ever the client says no, add them up to the CRM to label them as a follow-up call in the future. This will give you time to review their profile, if available, so then you can develop a new strategy for them.

According to Virtually Foxy, the good thing about keeping straightforward in cold calling lessens the burden of paperwork and several phone calls that needed to be done for the day. It also helps you develop a new strategy when calling them in the future, such as using other cold calling scripts, since the initial call usually gives a prospect thoughts about moving out.

Being engaging is the secret of all of the cold calling scrips mentioned here, as well as for other scripts you can think about. Remember: engaging with people for customer service or sales is always an emotional game. You have to give them a positive emotion that could land that big “yes” to get a sale or perhaps get you referred in the future if they reject your offer. If you happen to be a realtor looking for an excellent virtual assistant who can also help lessen your cold calling backlogs, it’s best to get Virtually Foxy now for a free consultation and to know more cold calling scripts along the way. 

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