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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

In the modern real estate jungle, a Realtor who can stay ahead of the curve is the king. But understanding how to beat the real estate market is not easy.

It costs time, money and effort.

Your real estate agency may be growing at breakneck speed, and you’d need to be superhuman to keep up. Or you need to hire a real estate virtual assistant.

Training an assistant can cost you more than money. Instead, hire a real estate virtual assistant. There is a lot that a VA can do from finding leads, putting up site pictures, communicating with potential customers and much more.

Real estate virtual assistants are just the right move for an edge in the real estate market.

Serving as an extension of your real estate team, the real estate virtual assistant is the key to accomplishing business goals.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can take to your business to its full potential and the next level for these 10 important reasons.

1. Cost Efficient Solution

Real estate agencies are constantly on the move.

From checking emails to phone messages, a Realtor needs to organize each and every day and transaction.

A real estate virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides you with the best services at budget prices.

According to some estimates, real estate virtual assistants can streamline business labor cost by 40 percent.

Additionally, your real estate business can avoid overheads like social security benefits, insurance for health, medical and unemployment purposes and a whole lot more.

2. No Leave or Holidays

One of the biggest problems real estate agencies today face is the existence of labour laws that stipulate vacation, sick leave or overtime fees.

Cut down on all these costs and add the productivity your business needs to get ahead, with a virtual assistant.

As the real estate VA can work virtually, he or she can manage time more effectively.

3. Stay Ahead of the Trends

The real estate business is changing with the advent of new technologies such as social media, and mobile-first online platforms.

You need someone with specialized skills to create the perfect e-newsletter or update your listings and database and cash in on social media to remain in touch with clients and partners.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is a solid investment.

4. Avoid Payroll Paperwork and Management

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is an investment because outsourced virtual assistants pay their own taxes.

They also do away with the need for payroll paperwork and management.

5. Cut Down on Infrastructure

From company conferences and seminars to regular functioning, office equipment such as office supplies, computer and electricity are needed for in-house employees.

Your VA provides the best services at the most affordable rates using his or her own virtual office and cut down on the need for a cubicle and its associated headache.

6. Boost Productivity

Money is not the only currency real estate agencies deal in.

Time is equally important.

A real estate virtual assistant organizes the time so you can focus on what matters the most.

Handle paperwork and incoming calls as you prepare for meetings and appointments by delegating these to the VA.

The real estate virtual assistant can oversee communications, filter your work commitments and fulfil all the tasks allotted. Accomplish more in a day as you opt for a VA.

7. Pay As You Go

Pay only for time spent on the task, and save your real estate business a fortune.

Virtual assistants can function from any location at any time based on your needs and requirements, providing the flexibility to manage the budget and delegate tasks.

8. Supplement Staff

Rather than hiring additional staff at peak times in the business, opt for virtual assistants as and when the need arises.

Plus, a trained real estate virtual assistant is working by the hour and time tracking software monitors them, resulting in faster turnaround times whether you measure output in terms of leads generated or calls handled.

From scheduling appointments with prospective clients to closing transactions and monitoring buyer or seller feedback, your real estate VA is the right choice for enhancing your sales conversion too.

Experienced VAs can handle prospect management and lead generation with ease.

9. Improve the Work Quality

Real estate virtual assistants are degree holders with varied skills and higher training and certifications in their domain areas.

Consequently, you get finer work and more expertise at a lower price.

Specialized skills are available, from organizing property listings, clients and contacts to managing and updating the CRM program so leads can turn into loyal customers.

Whether you need a presentation for an important client, relevant content for real estate websites and well organized detailed spreadsheets for financial projections, a VA is perfect for the job.

10. Get Fresh Ideas

A real estate virtual assistant is an extension of your work team.

Virtual assistants are constantly catching up on real estate marketing trends, organizing and researching listings and ensuring your real estate website stands out.

Knowing each of the client needs and preferences enables real estate virtual assistant companies to create communication that works best for your realty business.

Final Words

Hiring an in-house employee may cost USD 20 to 35 every hour, but there are also costs like taxes, insurance and benefits.

Virtual assistants can get the job done in just under USD 6-10 per hour and you don’t even have to spend money on overhead costs or infrastructure.

Working remotely, they are versatile, handling part-time as well as project-oriented work.

Outsourcing the work is just about the best option for real estate professionals who want their business to grow.

From administrative work like data search, storage and management to handling MLS and contract to close procedures, to marketing that includes creating campaigns, marketing materials and telemarketing your listings, there’s a whole lot more a realty VA can carry out compared to a regular EA.

Sales support is another critical factor. National Association of Realtors holds that 80 percent of all sales are between the 5th and 12th contract.

A persistent virtual assistant can really pay off. So, choose a good real estate virtual assistant and make the transition to a great business in record time.


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