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How Can You Connect With Your Virtual Assistant More Efficiently?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Virtually Foxy also guarantees that you will learn a thing or two from them if it’s your first time managing your virtual assistant. Since your virtual assistant will be working remotely in the comfort of their home, first-timers in hiring them are lost in terms of managing them effectively. Gladly, Virtually Foxy can be your guide not just in hiring the right virtual assistant, but also in learning how to properly manage one as they work for you.

The very first tip that you need to take note of when managing the Virtually Foxy virtual assistants is by applying effective communication. Communication is a very vital component in building a good relationship with every person working under you, which includes your virtual assistants even if they are away from you.

With the right means to communicate with them, it is easy to check on their current progress. You can also smoothly deliver any guidelines related to their current project. Last, but not least, good communication with your virtual assistant also lets you monitor them to see if they are doing their job. To learn more about how to effectively communicate with your virtual assistant, Virtually Foxy has prepared these very useful tips:

Set-Up The Tools

First of all, you need to install the right tools on your device before you even hire a virtual assistant for you to be fully prepared.

Don’t worry, most of the tools you need won’t cost too

Face-to-face communication is the best way for you to build a much better relationship with your virtual assistant. This is why Virtually Foxy recommends apps that can let you conduct video calling, rather than using an e-mail client only. Some notable examples are Google meet, Skype, and Zoom, which are also flexible when it comes to timezones.

You need to prepare a tool where you can both view the whole workflow. Your email can be a good start for providing a thread where your virtual assistant can be up-to-date. But for the best tools for faster communication when discussing the workload, Virtually Foxy recommends collaboration software such as Slack, Yammer, or Trello.

It is best to avoid using social media for a more professional environment when online.

Make A Schedule For Meetings

Whether it’s a short or a long meeting, always make a schedule for you to conduct one with them. Regardless of any difference in your timezone with the virtual assistants, you will be able to at least have the right time to talk to them. Be sure to schedule a meeting at least once a day, like how to build a good relationship with your employees.

Scheduling a daily meeting gives you time to make a quick conversation with them regarding work, or other stuff if you want to build rapport for a good relationship. During the meeting, you can discuss any updates regarding the work they need to do, as well as your workload for them to be aware of your schedule. It also gives them time to be prepared in case you have new work for them to do for the day.

Tip: When conducting a meeting with them, be sure to discuss any expectations and requirements that they need to meet for the day or week. These include deadlines, weekly reviews, and even discussing the budget within the business. This gives them an awareness of the business at hand, which makes them more productive. Virtually Foxy has proven and tested this when providing tips for business owners who feel lost after hiring a virtual assistant for the first time!

Tracking And Providing Feedback

Monitoring your virtual assistants does not have to be done every hour; you just have to be consistent in following up with their project. Virtually Foxy recommends providing a review about their current work at an appropriate time such as the start or the end of the virtual assistant’s work schedule, rather than providing it on the deadline only. You also need to keep track of their hours worked so then you won’t get shocked by the final payment you need to provide for your virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistants also need feedback to keep track of their performance, and for them to correct any error they might have committed at work. Appreciate their efforts, and educate them when they did something wrong. It is best to talk to them like a real part of your team, for them to become more comfortable in communicating with you in return.

You Are Now One Step Ahead

Virtually Foxy now guarantees that you have now taken your first step in properly managing your virtual assistant in the future. Just do not forget to get to know your virtual assistant, share your mutual goals, and be specific in what you need them to do before applying the tips above. In that way, you can easily build a good relationship with them on their first day of work.

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