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How Does Virtually Foxy Consider Patience During Real Estate Cold Calling?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Real estate cold calling is a long-term goal if you wish to become successful in it. To tell the truth, the success rate of real estate cold calling is pretty low. Virtually Foxy has succeeded in this game, as they focused on a long-term goal of becoming consistent in dealing with cold calls through their experience. But despite this awesome success, take note that chances still consist of success even if it’s just as low as 2% in terms of its statistical rate as of these past months and last year. But real estate cold calling is still an essential part of the business, as it still builds that impression to the leads in eventually selling their property, even if the whole cold call did not succeed.

The key for the leads to become clients in the future, whether cold calling succeeds or not, is patience. Being patient lessens your frustration over the rejections that you will face as you handle the whole list of clients that you need to deal with. Gladly, Virtually Foxy is willing to share their secrets when it comes to considering patience when dealing with numerous leads during the real estate cold calling session. Here are the following tips that they would like to share:

Keep on Following-Up

One of the most important components of Virtually Foxy’s set of cold calls is the means of follow-ups. If you feel that the leads are somewhat curious about what you are offering to them when enticing them to sell their property and move out, then list them down to your CRM so then you can set up a follow-up with them in the future.

If they are quite busy or have other commitments, but seem to not reject your offer, then politely ask them for a follow-up at some other time. That way, you can raise the chances to turn those specific leads into clients in the long run.

Do Not Mind the Numbers

It may be inevitable to keep track of the amount of time you spent in cold calling, as well as the number of leads that you have contacted so far. But do not get too conscious of these numbers, especially when you’re still starting. It will discourage you especially if you start receiving rejections from the leads.

Virtually Foxy makes sure that the numbers that they will only look for are those that would give a positive impact to them. Just keep on calling and calling, and focus on achieving the goal of the cold call, not the number of people that rejected your offer. 

Make Your Work Efficient

Working smart also makes you feel calmer enough to handle all the cold calls that you need to accomplish within the day. Virtually Foxy was named and created by working smart, too! That’s exactly why you must prepare the right tools to use during your work. Aside from using CRM to list down your follow-ups and to take note of the contacts that coldly rejected your offer, be sure to use a dialer app so then you can contact multiple numbers in one go. That way, your impatience will not grow due to the long wait time involved when calling some of your leads one by one. After all, slow progress on your work can get stressful, whether it’s about cold calling or another type of task. 

Ignore the Rejections

Lastly, if you mind the rejections that you receive, you might get lousier (or even more rude) on the next set of cold calls that you will handle within the day, particularly before you end your shift. Among the hundreds of numbers that Virtually Foxy has called, some of them have rejected their offer. What’s worse in these scenarios are the instances where the leads answered the VAs and received rude responses before hanging up the phone as a sign of outright rejection. 

But at the end of the day, the leads are not people that you know, and they will never lay a personal impact on your life. Therefore, just keep on ignoring those rejections, and move on to the next one. Never, ever let your emotions take over the way you work. So, do not sweat the bad details, just move on to the work that needs to be done. Once you get that “yes” from a lead, for sure those rude responses will easily be forgotten!

Virtually Foxy has mastered the art of patience when handling this strenuous workload. That’s why they are willing to share these very important tips for considering patience when handling cold calls. This is great for beginners to start much better, especially if they are planning to become part of Virtually Foxy. So if you’re a client or someone who wants to become a VA, just take note of these tips and start contacting Virtually Foxy now!

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