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12 Important Tasks for Your Virtual Social Media Assistant

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Think social, go global with a social media management virtual assistant to help you out and establish an active social presence online.

If you think that social media is not important for growth, sustainability or business success, your company is making a big mistake.

Remember that your digital presence marks your visibility online. Making a great first impression is important for lasting success.

For prospects or customers who find you online, your social media profile is the ticket to growth. Consider the numbers. Around 90% of those looking for a business go online.

Google is the most visited site online while Facebook comes in a close second. Twitter, as well as LinkedIn, also make it to the top sites people visit, according to Alexa.

It doesn’t stop there.

Research has found half of those with Twitter accounts recommend brands online and make purchases based on online social networking.

When it comes to boosting a business, your followers on social media matter.If you are an entrepreneur or business owner overwhelmed with the challenge of creating social media memes and images or Facebook videos, it’s time you hired a social media management virtual executive.

Social media management virtual assistant can meet so many challenges and ensure you have a social media post that attracts likes, shares, comments and loyal followers.

Here’s how they bring your social presence up to date:

1. Powerful Visuals

According to Kissmetrics, content which contains images that are relevant is viewed 94 percent of the time more than content without images online.

Another interesting point is that when people see images, they retain information better. How do you find royalty-free yet appealing images for a social media post?

Hiring a virtual assistant is the best way to go about it. They can surf the web and come up with creative images and taglines to boost your brand.

2. Content Curation

Content created by other thought leaders may have relevance for your business.

While a small percentage of content online should be owned and promotional, a majority should be curated.

Your social media virtual assistant can create posts on your social media account by incorporating keywords that link to the curated content and there you have it, the perfect post is ready for your customers and leads.

3. Tracking Brand Mentions

Online reputation management has become critical.Most customers expect companies to respond 24/7 to social media posts.

Lots of comments appear online and tracking these requires more than a skilled eye or a steady hand.

You need a persistent, alert and tech-savvy social media virtual assistant you can rely on to monitor and track interactions every day.

4. Promoting Your Blog Posts

Creating your business blogs is only the start. our blogs also need to be promoted through social media.

Creating quality posts and memes are not enough. You need a social media virtual assistant who can make the process of sharing these easier too.

5. Updating Profiles

For your business, staying relevant can make the difference when it comes to making profits.

Social media platforms are powerful channels to accomplish this.

But if you want to reach your target audience, you need to ensure that your company information is updated rapidly.

Whether it’s creating new pages on social media or updating your profiles to stay ahead in organic searches on Google, your social media virtual assistant can be spot on, for adding new relevance to your brand image online.

6. Content Management

A critical part of social media posts is that they need to be fresh, accurate and important for your audience.

So whether the task involves researching, curating, scheduling or posting fresh content and editing posts, outsourcing these can save you time and rake in the profits.

7. Engaging Audiences

Social media loses its value if you are not social.Networking online has many different facets associated with it.

Monitoring comments, responding to these and using social media contests to create a buzz around your products is hard.

Social media virtual assistants can make it incredibly easy. Now find more followers and run your network, with a skilled social media expert at hand to manage every challenge.

8. Having Metrics in Place

Tracking the social media profile and posts can be the route to growing your business.

Analytics plays an important role in influencing whether your business is growing or not.

Measure these carefully with the aid of a virtual assistant who is trained to handle sophisticated analytics.

Using metrics to track website traffic, bounce rates, views per page and analyzing data are just some of the advantages of hiring a social media virtual assistant.

9. Creating New Accounts

There’s more to creating a social media account than logging online and registering.

You need to research where your potential clients meet and find industry associated groups and organizations that can be joined.

Without thinking about these aspects, managing your social media account will be hard.

Social media account creation and management are hard to arrive at. Experienced virtual assistants can guide you to get there faster.

10. Managing Business Pages

While handling your social media profile is easy, an official social media handle is another ball game altogether.

You need to follow websites and blogs associated with your industry to get the latest news.

But having a virtual assistant can prove valuable for building your visibility online, as these skilled professionals can add to business growth by filtering and managing your data better.

11. Adding New Features

Adding to social media posts and sites can be challenging.

But a social media virtual assistant can give your business the visibility it needs to stay ahead.

Your virtual assistant can create important posts for social media sites and submit these to newsletters, blogs and e-zines as well.

12. Adding the Editing Edge

Proofreading is an art.

Whether your virtual assistant needs to carry out light, medium or heavy editing, he or she has the skills to ensure each post is screened for readability and value before it reaches your audience online.


So there you have it… social media management virtual assistants can make a massive impact on your business bottom-lines and front-end visibility.

Your virtual identity represents an integral part of the company’s brand value.

As a fiercely competitive ecosystem along with instant connectivity makes speed, value and worth of social media communication even more important, your social media virtual assistant is your secret weapon and outreach guru you simply cannot do without.


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