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Virtual Assistants save you over 70% of the cost of a full-time employee – without the headaches of insurance, retirement, office & equipment costs, & unemployment. Our customers saved over $55 million last year!

Tasks an Marketing Assistant can do:

and many more..


You can add the following with our starter package or get the services individually:

Social Media Goals


1. Increase Brand Awareness by 3% every month.

- Reach

- Shares

- Post likes

2. Drive traffic to a website by 3% every month.

- Traffic from social media

- Bounce rate of social media Around 2% is seen as a good social media engagement rate.


Anything 3% or more is great.


  • This is a continuous work and the hours are divided accordingly to cater to both SEO, blog, ads and social media needs.

  • The client needs to re-purchase the package to continue on the next months of work. If the client assigns more than 4 accounts to the VA – the VA can either: amend the social media activities to allot time on all accounts or the client may opt to add additional hours for the accounts.

  • Additional blog requests will be billed separately.

  • The activities to perform shall be agreed upon by the client and VA beforehand

  • These service rates are prepaid before the said services will be performed.

  • Quoted prices are in USD.

  • Clients are the ones who will provide the tools that are needed to perform virtual assistant tasks.

  • We use as a communication tool and as a time tracker to track the working hours of our Virtual assistants.

  • Virtual Assistants are guaranteed well versed and well trained and with strong experience related to the said tasks above.


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